John Zulli

Training Philosophy

There are three ingredients that go into a great day of training.

First- the trainer must excite the audience’s imagination through the use of powerful examples and metaphors and then present that information with animation and energy. When the training is energized and made meaningful, the group opens their mind to learning and stays focused.

Second- the trainer must build positive expectation by helping the audience to identify the value of the information, understand how to put it to use, and grasp the possibilities that come from applying it. They need to leave the training thinking, “I can do this, it’s important and it will make a difference.”

Third-  the trainer must fill the participant’s toolbox with the skills and techniques that get the job done. They must leave the training equipped with tools they can immediately use in the real world.


“Adversity is the mother of adventure.”

“Fight fire with water.”

“The right things to do in life are rarely easy and the easy things are rarely right.”

"You  already possess everything you need to be a success.”

“Fear, guilt and anxiety are good for you. Every emotion is a tool that can be used."

What do these great companies know about training? 

When your program has to have impact, John Zulli is a name you can trust.